Long Term Capital Partners
Supporting the Growth and
Transformation of Businesses

Real estate is all around us, and often the most capital-intensive aspect of growing a business

Sale leaseback financing is a way for businesses to convert real estate holdings into capital that can be used for current liquidity, growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations, or debt reduction. Businesses maintain control of their properties while keeping occupancy costs predictable.

At Fundamental Income, we partner with middle market companies to buy and lease back single-tenant commercial properties throughout North America. We provide capital through sale leasebacks, forward take-outs, and build-to-suit construction financing.

100% Liquidity

Monetize your real estate for full market value and keep possession

100% Control

Maintain total control of your property and operations

0% Dilution

Avoid diluting equity with our passive, partnership-focused capital

  • Monetize 100% value
    Businesses get full market value for their real estate without the burden of financial covenants or recourse.
  • Maintain 100% control of facilities
    Net lease gives businesses a way to keep control of their properties, without uncertainty of the ability to continue to use properties.
  • Predictability
    Net leases typically have initial lease terms of 10-25 years and multiple renewal options, providing long-term control with predictable occupancy cost.
  • Free up capital
    Owning real estate ties up capital that could be better allocated toward higher value corporate initiatives.
  • Attractive capital profile
    Sale leasebacks often transact at valuation multiples higher than what the overall business is worth from an enterprise value perspective, or at a lower cost than a company's all-in weighted average cost of capital including the cost of debt and the targeted return on equity.

Mergers &


Corporate Reinvestment Initiatives


Facility Expansion & Renovations


Greenfield Construction Financing


Debt Reduction, Recapitalizations
& Restructures


Family & Management Buyouts


Value Realizations & Liquidity


Wealth Diversification, Tax
& Estate Planning

  • Businesses and Business Owners
    Founders and executive management of middle market operating companies.
  • Acquirers
    Private Equity Investors, Family-Offices, Independent Sponsors, Public & Private Corporations
  • Intermediaries and Service Providers
    Investment Banks, Real Estate Brokers and Advisors, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Lenders, Restructuring Advisors – anyone working with a middle market company should consider how a sale leaseback transaction would benefit their clients.
  • Real Estate Developers
    Single-tenant commercial real estate developers working with North American businesses looking for 100% development financing for individual or multi-unit programmatic transactions.

Case Studies

Pet Food Manufacturer

Sale Leaseback

Leading pet food manufacturer recapitalizes and promotes growth with leaseback proceeds.

Quick Serve Restaurants

Sale Leaseback

Quick serve restaurant platform supports growth and dividend recap through leaseback.

Family Entertainment Centers

Forward Funding

Family entertainment center concept builds new locations during difficult market.

Auto Collision Repair Centers

Auto, Service/Retail
Sale Leaseback

Auto collision repair centers use sale leaseback to provide growth capital.